Noorjahan Mangoes Priced At ₹.1,000 Per Piece This Season

Noorjahan Mangoes Priced At ₹.1,000 Per Piece This Season

Afghan origin Noorjahan mangoes are costly this season in India. They are priced between ₹.500 and ₹.1,000 per piece.

Mango lovers in India can enjoy this variety fruit by pre booking. Noorjahan mangoes are grown in India only in Madhya Pradesh’s Katthiwada region of Alirajpur district which is adjacent to Gujarat border (approximately 250 km from Indore).

Noorjahan mango farmers have expressed happiness this year as the sheer size of the mangoes and the good yield will fetch them good returns this year. Last year, this variety of mangoes did not yield as expected due to unfavourable weather conditions.

The Noorjahan variety produces fruits towards the beginning of June. These trees start flowering in January-February. A Noorjahan mango can grow up to a foot long and its kernels weigh between 2 kg to 5 kg on an average. Its kernels weigh between 150 grams to 200 grams.

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This variety of mango is the biggest in India. Interestingly tree of this mango species is only 10 to 12 feet high. Unfortunately, only 6 trees of this variety of mangoes are left in the garden of Shivraj Singh royal family of the area.

Earlier there were proposals from the locals to protect this plant and make them commercial through nursery. There is a huge demand for this variety of mango not only in India but also abroad. The unique juicy nature, its taste, size and weight are the aspects that make this mango a special one for all.

Indians consider Mango as the king of all fruits. Hence one can imagine the craze for the fruit. And a special category in that sort of fruit makes Noorjahan variety more special and demanding. One more variety from Maharashtra called “Alfanso” is also more demanding and popular in Indian fruit market. All mango lovers wish to grow as well as heritage mango varieties like Noorjahan.

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