At least 20 Indian Soldiers Were Killed In The Stand-off With China

At least 20 Indian Soldiers Were Killed In The Stand-off With China

India has expressed shock over the killing of its 20 soldiers near the Chinese border at fast-flowing Galwan River in the western Himalayas.

At least 20 Indian Soldiers Were Killed In The Stand-off With China

As per the People’s Liberation Army of China version, the Indian army has violated the LAC while patroling and the Chinese army has retreated the move. In this course, some of the army men from India got killed.

But the Indian army has condemned the statement made by the Chinese. According to the Indian army, two armies have come face-to-face show-off. During this, one of the Indian commanding officers was pushed by the Chinese soldier which caused his death.

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Also, the news from the borders suggests that the two armies indulged in hand to hand fighting and eventually led to the pelting of stones on each other and also used iron rods which injured nearly 600 men from both sides. Indian officials have stated that this fight continued throughout the night and the deaths were caused due to falling from the high mountain terrains.

Citing the tensions built up at the borders of India and China, the United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres urged both the countries to restrain. He further stated –

We are concerned about reports of violence and deaths at the Line of Actual Control between India and China and urge both sides to exercise maximum restraint,

Antonio Guterres spokesperson said –

We take positive note of reports that the two countries have engaged to de-escalate the situation.

Both India and China have expressed desire to de-escalate and we support a peaceful resolution of current situation,

However, the military of both sides has blamed each other for the conflict at the border and the escalation of tension.

As the next level of talks at the Military level is yet to take place, the loss of lives will have a deep impact on the talks for both sides and will make the situation more complex.

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