AUKUS Sign Key Deal To Equip Naval Forces With Nuclear Submarine

AUKUS Sign Key Deal To Equip Naval Forces With Nuclear Submarine

To confront strategic tensions in the Pacific Ocean, AUKUS – a defence alliance has formally embarked on a programme to equip its naval forces with nuclear submarines.

Australia, the United Kingdom (Britain) and the United States of America (US) formed a new defence alliance (AUKUS) to confront strategic tensions with China in the Pacific Ocean.

This is the first agreement that is signed publicly since September after the 3 countries announced the formation of a defence alliance. The signing ceremony was done in Canberra.

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Defence Minister Peter Dutton and the United States and the United Kingdom diplomats signed an agreement that allows the exchange of sensitive “naval nuclear propulsion information” between these 3 nations.

Ahead of Dutton’s signing ceremony, the US President Joe Biden on Friday in a statement said –

The agreement will permit cooperation, which will further improve our mutual defence posture,

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said –

it was in his country’s national interest and that he knew that the agreement was bound to ruffle some feathers.

Morrison also said that the agreement is Unapologetic.

On the other hand, France is also extremely angry and impatient about the agreement as its own diesel-electric submarine contract with Australia has been scrapped at the last moment which is 65 billion worth.

What is AUKUS Deal?

The deal will provide Australia with eight state-of-the-art that will enhance the nuclear submarines capability of long-range missions. In addition, the agreement allows for the sharing of cyber, Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum, and unspecified under-sea capabilities.

China’s Reaction

Beijing has expressed anger about this agreement and described it as an “extremely irresponsible” threat to the region’s stability.

It is now to be observed how the region will maintain peace as China and the AUKUS alliance will make their own assessments about the situations.

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