Belarus Elections 2020 Curtain Raises Many Questions

Belarus Elections 2020 Curtain Raises Many Questions

In a landslide victory, Alexander Lukashenko has secured 80% of votes and got re-elected as the President of Belarus. But the results have turned controversial.

Dramatic incidents happened after the Belarus election results were announced. The main challenger to President Alexander Lukashenko, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya disappeared from the country and re-appeared in neighbouring Lithuania.

Belarus incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko who is also known as Europe’s last dictator received 80% of votes during his win. The result was challenged by the main opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya who could not even gain 10% of votes.

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Lukashenko who is the president since 1994 has faced severe protests from people after the election results. During the protests, Tikhanovskaya was taken out of Belarus along with her campaign manager, Maria Moroz. Tikhanovskaya said she left Belarus with her children. She stated –

I thought that this campaign had really steeled me and given me so much strength that I could cope with anything.

But I guess I’m still the same weak woman that I was.

No one life is worth what is happening now,

Children are the most important things in our lives.

I don’t need power, but my husband is behind bars.

I’ve had to hide my children. I’m tired of putting up with it. I’m tired of being silent. I’m tired of being afraid.

These were the words uttered by her while leaving the country. Lukashenko has led Belarus for 26 years continuously. There is much anger and anguish among people that appeared on Belarus streets after the election results were announced.

However, Lithuania’s foreign minister, Linas Linkevicius tweeted that Tikhanovskaya was now in Lithuania and was safe.

Tikhanovskaya, after the Belarus Elections 2020 was announced, she immediately said that she is not going to accept these figures and will challenge them. But the later incidents have taken place in a dramatic manner. There was news that she absconded from the country. And some news quoted that she was detained by the Belarus officials.

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