Coronavirus Start Rising at Record Levels Day By Day

Coronavirus Start Rising at Record Levels Day By Day

Coronavirus is spreading fast and furiously. India, U.S., Mexico, South Africa and Pakistan are recording daily rise enormously.

Starting with India, the COVID-19 cases are rising sharply and already reached the third spot in the most affected countries list. Though in the initial stages, India due to lockdown and other measures, have reported less. But once the lockdown has been lifted, the cases have started rising. And now, the number of cases per day has been in between 25,000 to 30,000. An overall total of 7,95,755 cases as on date is being recorded and the death toll stands at 21,639. Indian sources also claim that around 4,96,048 cases have resulted in recovery.

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The United States of America is the most affected country as of now. It has recorded a total of 32,20,500 cases in total. Even deaths are also at a high rate. A total number of deaths stood at 1,35,828 presently. Trump has blamed the Chinese for the situation and his administration strongly believes that this pandemic was created specifically to target the U.S.

Yesterday, South Africa has announced that it has recorded the worst number of Coronavirus cases. It has 13,674 cases in a single day. It has now reached a total of 2,38,339. South African Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has already declared that if this is the case, the situation will be so sad that the government will not be able to provide beds for COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

Mexico has also announced that the per day cases has been increasing rapidly. It has 7,280 new cases yesterday alone taking to their total tally to 2,82,283.

India’s neighbour Pakistan is also suffering from the pandemic ruthlessly. It has a total of 2,43,599 total cases so far and has resulted in 5,058 deaths.

As per the WHO report, totally 213 are in the vicious jaws of COVID-19 pandemic and has claimed 5,57,923 deaths with 1,24,14,853 active cases worldwide.

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