Covid-19 Mu Variant Now In 40 Countries

Covid-19 Mu Variant Now In 40 Countries

Covid-19 is still in existence by taking numerous forms. Finland reports the first case of Covid-19 Mu Variant. This is officially termed B.1.621 by the WHO.

World Health Organisation (WHO) designated the Mu variant as a ‘Variant of Interest’. As per the reports, the Mu variant needs to be studied further as to how it impacts the immune system of the human body.

However, some of the researchers in Finland feel that there is no immediate additional threat is posed by the Covid-19 Mu variant when compared to other Covid variants.

It has to be seen how well the present Coronavirus vaccines will resist the new Mu variant. WHO has alerted about the Mu variant months back as there were symptoms of coronavirus growing in South America, Colombia and other countries.

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So far, the coronavirus has taken many forms and as it passed through different nations across the globe. Being an infectious disease it is quite common to take various forms while spreading from one person to the other.

According to the WHO’s Bulletin published earlier this month, Mu has caused some larger outbreaks in South America and Europe. WHO also expressed several concerning mutations, and assigned a Greek letter name to it. Mu carries key mutations, including E484K, N501Y, and D614G, that have been linked with increased transmissibility and reduced immune protection.

WHO is monitoring Mu for changes in South America, especially in areas where it is co-circulating with the Delta variant.

WHO’s emerging diseases unit head, Maria van Kerkhove said

circulation of the variant is decreasing globally but needs to be observed closely.

In a press briefing, White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci said

US officials are watching it, but so far Mu is not considered an immediate threat.

So far the Mu represents 39% of variants sequenced in Colombia, 13% in Ecuador. Also, the Mu variant represents below 0.1% globally.

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