Eliza Fletcher - A Billionaire-Heiress, School Teacher Abducted & Killed

Eliza Fletcher – A Billionaire-Heiress, School Teacher Abducted & Killed

The 34-year-old kindergarten teacher and mother of 2 kids and beneficiary to a multi-billion organization was snatched and killed by an ex-convict in Memphis on Friday. Eliza Fletcher’s body was tracked down on Monday and distinguished the following day close to the convict’s location.

Eliza Fletcher’s husband reported her missing on Friday after she didn’t return home from a routine early morning jog.

On Monday, the investigators announced that they found a dead body which was later confirmed as missing schoolteacher Eliza Fletcher.

According to an affidavit filed Sunday:

During the search for Fletcher, police got a reconnaissance video that shows a dark GMC Terrain passed by the educator while she was on her run around 4 a.m.,

The recording shows a man escaping the SUV and “forcefully” running toward her prior to compelling her into the vehicle’s front seat,

The SUV stayed in a parking area for around four minutes after the two individuals were inside and afterward drove away,

Police likewise ran DNA examination on a couple of shoes found at the kidnapping site, and the outcomes showed the DNA found on the shoes matched Abston’s DNA,

Observation film caught from a nearby performance center the day preceding Fletcher’s vanishing showed Abston wearing what specialists accept are similar sets of Champion slide shoes found at the crime location,

Specialists likewise checked Abston’s cell records, which showed he was close to the snatching scene during the hour of Fletcher’s grabbing,

Notwithstanding the actual proof, police said they talked with two individuals who let them know Abston acted strangely after the kidnapping.

Also, Abston attempted to run at the appearance of US Marshals but he was immediately captured.

Records show that Cleotha Abston had served almost 20 years in jail for hijacking a lawyer at gunpoint in 2000. He was delivered in 2020.

The instructor’s demise, which specialists say was brutal, is as yet encircled by inquiries concerning where and how she was killed.

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