EU and UK strike a deal on BREXIT as deadline approaches

EU and UK strike a deal on BREXIT as deadline approaches

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has jointly announced a deal to sort out BREXIT issue.

EU and UK strike a deal on BREXIT as deadline approaches

Boris Johnson secured an unanimous support of 27 European leaders for the BREXIT deal with the United kingdom. But the real crisis started for Johnson from now as it has to be nodded by the British Parliament in just 2 days of time.

Johnson with EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, in a joint press conference stated

Now is the moment for us to get Brexit done and then together to work on building our future partnership, which I think can be incredibly positive both for the UK and for the EU,

Though the European Leaders have agreed to a deal, there is  lot of internal opposition Johnson. The major opposition party along with the Ireland leaders have already announced their dissatisfaction regarding this deal.

At a summit in Brussels, the UK prime minister has joined all the other EU leaders with a cheer and joy in his face, Johnson shook hands with each and every leader present in the summit. French President Emmanue and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were also among them.

After a little discussion in the summit about the deal, all the leaders have endorsed it unanimously. Earlier, though there were consensus with the EU leaders, former UK PM Theresa May had failed to bag a majority vote in passing inside the UK parliament. She had failed 3 time in similar situations.

Now, Johnson’s turn has come to get the deal approved by the English Parliament. Fact lies in the numbers. Johnson has no majority in the 650-seat UK parliament. He needs atleast 319 votes in favour of the deal.

The latest deal will keep the Northern Ireland inside the UK Customs department but tariffs will be made applicable for the goods that enter into Ireland from Britain.

BREXIT deal was supposed to have happened long back by the end of March 2019 itself. But the time was extended till October 31st, 2019 so that a consensus can be evolved in due course of time. Even today’s proceedings may not put an end for the BREXIT problems.

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