Hindu houses and temples attacked in Pakistan’s Ghotki town

A Hindu principal’s remarks made sacrilegious against God have resulted in riots and violence in Pakistan’s Ghotki region. Most of the Hindu temples, houses and other properties were attacked.


Going into the details, riots began on a news spread that a school principal made some of the objectionable remarks made against religion. This has turned to be a religious clash in the Ghotki town of Sindh region. Most of the Hindu properties were damaged in this mob violence.

A school principal is a Hindu community person. In Pakistan, Hindus are the minorities. Pakistan Prime Ministers from a long time were accusing India with respect to sage guarding of Muslim community. Though these were baseless allegations made by Pakistan, many of the Pakistan leaders raised the issue on many platforms again and again.

Now, the residents of Pakistan are demanding for a probe into this mob religious violence. Many Hindu houses, temples and shops were attacked during this erupted violence.

The Human Rights Commission, The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has taken notice of the mob violence outbreaking. It has expressed concern about these riots and violence against Hindus especially.

Pakistan media has reported that the police are taking appropriate action to curb the violence and at present, the situation is fully under control. One of the police officials has said that case has been registered and a detailed enquiry will be conducted. Around 50 people were arrested related to these riots and violence against Hindus.

Meanwhile, World Sindhi Congress has urged the other countries to intervene in this matter and pressurise Pakistan to safeguard and secure the Minority Hindu people in the country.

Though Pakistan has tried to blame India for treatment of Muslims as not well, the situation and the prevailing conditions speak the truth.

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