Hong Kong Protests : Violent Clashes In Multiple Towns

Hong Kong Protests : Violent Clashes In Multiple Towns

Protests in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long towns turned violent as the protestors lost their patience. Protesters threw petrol bombs towards police to avoid their approach.

Hong Kong Protests : Violent Clashes In Multiple Towns
            Hong Kong Protests : Violent Clashes In Multiple Towns

Hong Kong Police in turn fired tear gas, water cannon, rubber bullets and live rounds fired into the air, on the pro-democracy protesters to disburse them. On the other hand, some of the groups loyal to Chinese government have raised slogans against Hong Kong government.

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The clashes have intensified when the protesters have set fore to Chinese flags and raised the slogans against China. Stone pelting on police have resulted in arrests.

The police have stated –

Radical protesters damaged facilities in Light Rail Town Centre Station in Tuen Mun with metal rods, hurled objects into the Light Rail tracks and set barricades in the vicinity, causing obstruction to the traffic,

Radical protesters also threw petrol bombs, posing a serious threat to the safety of others and police officers.

The government has suspended rail and bus services because of the ongoing protests. The pro-democracy protestors have announced a rally targeting the Airport on Sunday.

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Hong Kong pro-democracy protestors are intensifying their protest every week end. The protests started when Hong Kong CEO Lam, introduced a controversial bill which allowed the communist government to intervene in Hong Kong legal matters. though Lam has announced the bill as “dead”, the protests are continuing.

Earlier, Carrie Lam has offered to hold a dialogue with public next week in order to end the ongoing protests and violence in the country.

Day by day the unrest in Hong Kong is escalating and fears are gearing up for more violence incidents in future if the pro democratic protesters continue the same intensity. The unrest has catched international attention though China is repeatedly announcing the issue as its internal matter.

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