ISIL Target Shias In Kabul University Bomb Blast

ISIL Target Shias In Kabul University Bomb Blast

ISIL formerly known as ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the latest Kabul bomb blast at Kabul education centre today which killed 24 and injured 57.

Many of the killed are teenagers aged between 15 and 26 years. Many of them were poor students who have come to the University seeking highers and better education for their bright future.

Many of the dead bodies which were school boys and girls were carried to the Kabul hospital and were placed for identification. Parents the children searched for their loved ones based on the schoolbags and other identifiable belongings.

NATO and the US officials have condemned the attack in which innocent and minor children got killed. The United States has held ISIL responsible for these attacks.

Initially many believed that the attacks were made by Taliban rebel group. However, they have denied the responsibility for these attacks.

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It is to be remembered that the US armed forces in Afghanistan have signed a peace deal with the Taliban forces in February 2020 which mentioned their withdrawal from the territory. This has eased the situation for direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban rebels.

On Twitter, Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission said,

How much more can we endure, as individuals and as society? How many times can we rise?

The Associated Press news agency published that

All the victims are teenage boys and girls, between 17 to 18 years old. We took the dead bodies and wounded victims to hospital by Kabul ambulance. All the victims are young boys and girls,

It is to be remembered that the ISIL has targeted the Shia community even in the past. Another educational centre in the same area targeted at that time which killed dozens of students. In May 2020, a group of attackers carried a lightning attack on a maternity hospital in western Kabul. Later, the assailants were shot dead by the armed forces.

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