Israel-Hamas Conflict: 60 Hamas Terrorists Killed, 250 Hostages Rescued

Israel-Hamas Conflict: 60 Hamas Terrorists Killed, 250 Hostages Rescued

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict has entered its 8th day today claiming over 2800 lives. The conflict started on Saturday. On Friday, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) released a video footage through its twitter account which showed the daring operation from the Israeli Forces Flotilla 13 elite unit.

Watch the video posted by IDF in its official twitter account!

More than 250 hostages near the Gaza security fence, were rescued after the daring operation by the Israeli forces killing 60 Hamas terrorists along with capturing 26 militants which included Deputy Commander of the Hamas southern Naval Division, Muhammad Abu A’ali.

In a joint effort to retake the Sufa military post on October 7, the Flotilla 13 unit was deployed near the Gaza security fence. The terrorists used hostages as human shields as the Israel armoured vehicles and aircrafts intensified the battle.

The IDF issued an evacuation warning to nearly 1.1 million Palestinians in northern Gaza to relocate to southern Gaza within 24 hours. Hamas dismissed the evacuation order as a ploy and called on people to stay in their houses. Militants also snatched some 150 people and dragged them into Gaza.

Israel has bombarded Gaza non-stop since the weekend attack by Hamas terrorists after they massacred hundreds of people, including killing children in their homes and young people at a music festival. Netanyahu compares Hamas to ISIS after attacks.

After the rescue, the Israel soldiers offered the hostages with medical first aid those who needed and assured them of safety.

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