Kim Jong Un Urge Apology To North Koreans

Kim Jong Un Urge Apology To North Koreans

In a rare scenario, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has urged his people for an apology. The apology was sincere as tears broke out from his eyes.

In an emotional speech, Kim Jong Un has addressed the Coronavirus pandemic and challenging times that people around the world are going through presently.

Can be called as one of the rare speech by a North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un was addressing the nation during the 75th birth anniversary of his ruling party. He looked emotional and while saying “really sorry”, he removed his glasses and seen wiping the tears that were coming out of his eyes. He told that he did not meet the expectations of his people during the ongoing pandemic. He highlighted his ancestors legacy. He said that

Although I am entrusted with the important responsibility to lead this country upholding the cause of the great comrades Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il thanks to the trust of all the people, my efforts and sincerity have not been sufficient enough to rid our people of the difficulties in their lives.

One of the good signs that the neighbour, South Korea heard is Kim Jong Un’s intention to make relations better with it. One of the interesting signs in his speech is that there was no direct criticism on Washington in any manner.

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It is to be remembered that South Korea repeatedly urged North Korea to implement the peace treaty of 2018. On Sunday, South Korea has repeated its request resuming the peace talks. 

On the other hand, North Korea on Saturday has showcased its latest missile which is believed to be the largest range Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICMBs). A huge military Parade was also conducted at the anniversary function.

Observing the situation has however made South Korea express their concern over North Korea’s missile show.

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