Latest National Polls Puts Joe Biden Ahead Of Trump

As of now, Joe Biden is leading the national polls for the Presidential elections against Donald Trump. But this doesn’t guarantee his win.

It is to be remembered that even in the 2016 US presidential elections, Hillary Clinton had a clear lead over Donald Trump at the National level.

Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump may narrow in swing states during the electoral college. This is because of the voting system that prevails in the US. The presidential voting system assigns each state a number of electoral college votes.

Political analysts suggest that the track of the race is to be observed as the key areas which decide the election results may swing in either way.

In 2016 US Elections the last moment swing has edged a win for Donald Trump as against former President Barack Obama supported candidate Hillary Clinton. States like Arizona and North Carolina will be added as key players during these elections. 

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However, it is to be accepted that the National poll tracker is a poor indicator of final Presidential election results. In order to enter Washington’s White House Joe Biden has to win the swing states.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have intensified their war of words during the Presidential election 2020 campaigning.

The Americans will decide the fate of these two candidates on November 3, 2020. The US Presidential Elections 2020 will be held on that date. The democrat candidate Joe Biden hopes to win these elections because of Trump’s misinterpretation and mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But, only this cannot be taken as the criteria for win or loss for any of the candidate. There are many factors like China and Iran relations that may have an impact on the Voters. Trump is also in the race of Nobel Prize winners for his role in bringing peace in the Middle East region. North Korea might be a factor for the voters to think while voting.

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