Lebanon Government Resigns Over Beirut Blasts

Lebanon Government Resigns Over Beirut Blasts

In the latest development, the entire Lebanon government has resigned over the Beirut blasts. PM Hassan Diab has announced this in a press statement.

The massive and deadly explosion at Lebanon’s capital city Beirut has shaken the entire government for the past few days. Growing protests to step down has ultimately resulted in the Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s resignation.

Beirut port explosion has made Diab’s government collapse inevitable as more than 6000 people were wounded and 160 people died, apart from this, 20 people are still missing. Another reason that forced Diab’s resignation was met with a string of resignations from 4 ministers who have decided to quit the cabinet along with 2 ministers and 9 lawmakers resigning from the government since August 4th blast.

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Many protesters and demonstrators were demanding a complete political change in the country as till now, the politicians are self-preservation and buck-passing.

After 6 days of the enormous blast, the debris is still under cleaning and the volunteers are searching for more dead bodies.

Deadly Beirut blasts have caused immense damage. 19th-century heritage landmark, Sursock Palace was destroyed in the blast which has sustained 2 world wars and the long-lasting civil war from 1975 to 1990. The 160-year old palace took 20 years of careful restoration before it retained its past glory. But the Beirut blast has once again destroyed the palace to a large extent.

Beirut explosion has caused widespread anger among Lebanese because they believe that the government was careless in taking precautions while storing a huge 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate for the past 6 years in Beirut’s port warehouse. Official’s and politicians negligence has cost many lives and properties. According to UNICEF, many children are homeless and lost their families due to blast.

According to some reports, officials have warned Prime Minister and President about the possibility of a blast in Beirut port in July month itself. Unfortunately, no step has been directed by them to avoid danger.

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