Lebanon Information Minister Quits Over Beirut Blast

Lebanon Information Minister Quits Over Beirut Blast

Ever since the Beirut blast, the Lebanon government is facing fierce opposing from the public. Rallies and demonstrations are increasing day-by-day.

Public demonstrations against Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s cabinet to step down are in high demand. As a result, the first resignation has come out. Lebanon Information Minister, Manal Abdel Samad has announced her resignation from the Diab’s cabinet.

While announcing her resignation Manal Abdel Samad stated

After the enormous Beirut catastrophe, I announce my resignation from government

She also apologised to Lebonese people for failing. On the other hand, many prominent people inside Lebanon are demanding for an international probe into Beirut blast which killed nearly 150 people and injured thousands of people. It also devastated much of Lebanon’s capital city with a crater of 43 metres (141 feet) deep.

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Since the Beirut explosion took place, till now 6 lawmakers have resigned fro their posts. Many street demonstrators have tried to rush into several ministries with a demand to step down from their portfolios.

However, Lebanon President Michel Aoun on Friday has rejected any move that facilitates International probe into Beirut blast matter. He also said that such interference will dilute the facts.

Lebanon is facing immense pressure from inside and outside due to the recent explosion that took place in Beirut port. Mainly the Lebanese people took onto streets complaining about the Diab’s inefficiency to enact reforms. It is to remember that Lebanon has struggled with civil war for a long time and has a weak economy.

All the anguish of the people has now outburst with the hazardous ammonium nitrate explosion at Beirut warehouse port. It is to be remembered that the huge shipment of ammonium nitrate has languished for years at that place. But no mishap took place till the explosion time.

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