Massive Explosion in Beirut Shakes Lebanon

Massive Explosion in Beirut Shakes Lebanon

Today afternoon Lebanon’s capital Beirut was filled with thick smoke because of a heavy explosion. The exact reason for the explosion is unknown as of now.

As per the first reports by the locals, the explosion has taken place in a firecrackers warehouse in the centre of Beirut. Though the number of causalities that has been declared by government sources is 100 dead and more than 4000 wounded, but it seems that people in large numbers have suffered injuries than these official figures.

Watch the video clip of the situation after the explosion

Source: BBC

Apart from injuries, the damage done to the property is also high. The video clippings show vehicles were shattered to far places because of the explosion. Thus it also indicates the impact of the explosion. Many locals were yelling because of serious injuries and some were crying as the properties and the houses got severely damaged.

Here is the live video footage at the time of the explosion

Source: Tweet from Aditya Raj Kaul

Lebanon’s local TV channels have indicated that the explosion took place inside the Beruit’s port where a firecracker’s warehouse is situated.

Fire extinguishers and ambulances were seen rushing to the spot for handling the situation. This explosion has come at a time when there is a political crisis in the country. Many street demonstrations are underway in protests against the government’s inefficiency in handling the economic crisis.

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Lebanon struggled with civil war from 1975-1990 apart from the border tensions with the neighbouring country Israel. nd till 2005, the country also witnessed the Syrian troops presence in its territory. However because of the Rafik Hariri an opposition Member of Parliament’s suicide attack brought down the then government and also forced Syrian forces to withdraw from Lebanon.

All such factor dumped Lebanon from developing. And now these type of heavy explosions have shattered the country further.

Coming back to the present crisis, government officials declared 157 people were found dead and their bodies have been removed from the wreck.

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