Massive Wildfires in Russia Burnt 19 million Hectares Of Forest

Massive Wildfires in Russia Burnt 19 million Hectares Of Forest

As per the reports of a non-governmental organization (NGO) by name Greenpeace Russia, around 19 million hectares of forest land was burnt in the year 2020.

Here is the list of places where Wildfires in Russia destroyed the Forests

  1. A forest fire broke out in Krasnoyarsk region.
  2. A wildfire in a forest in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District.
  3. A forest fire burning in the region of Yakutia.
  4. A forest fire in Sverdlovsk Region.
  5. Russian Emergency Ministry multipurpose amphibious aircraft tried to extinguish the fire in the Trans-Baikal National Park in Buryatia, Southern Siberia.
  6. Firefighters extinguish the forest fires near the village of Batagay, Sakha Republic in Yakutia.

Just in a span of just 7 months the forest fires and the wildfires have destroyed the forests in massive numbers. It is to be remembered that in this same year the Amazon forests in Brazil has also suffered the same damage.

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De-forestation is an immense loss to mankind. It not damaging the future course of environmental aspects but also the ecological balance gets disturbed. On one side people are helplessly dying when mother nature opens its vicious jaws. Coronavirus is one of the best examples of mankind’s helplessness which killed lakhs of people in recent times and still killing.

Though the Russian government is saying that the measures to curb such fire ambushes in the forest, there seems to be no serious step that has solved the recurring problem. Not only Russia, but many parts of the world are reckless about the forest fires. Australia which suffered a major forest fire is facing drastic climate changes and rise in temperatures. Many animal species have died in that forest fires.

Coming back to Russia, the recent Siberian wildfires that have destroyed hectares of forest area is an alarming situation. The series has to be put an end otherwise Russia will be a major suffered apart from the world.

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