Microsoft AI-Powered Bing with ChatGPT Challenges Google Search

Microsoft AI-Powered Bing with ChatGPT Challenges Google Search

Microsoft hopes that beefing up Bing with ChatGPT will radically update online search by providing ready-made answers using multiple sources instead of the familiar list of links to outside websites.

Developers of AI bot ChatGPT hope the introduction of this technology would be an unprecedented challenge to Google’s two-decade dominance of the search engine market.

ChatGPT has sparked artificial intelligence technology (AI) with more than 100 million users testing the bot’s capabilities, receiving essays, speeches, or law exam results within seconds to the consternation of educators and school authorities worried about cheating.

Microsoft vice president, Yusuf Mehdi said –

We applied the AI model to our core search ranking engine, and we saw the largest jump in relevance in two decades,

CEO Satya Nadella said –

Microsoft’s long-struggling Bing search engine will integrate the powerful capabilities of language-based artificial intelligence,

It’s a new day for search… The race starts today,

He also declared this launch as a new era for the online search.

California-based startup firm, OpenAI developed ChatGPT. Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019.

ChatGPT burst onto the scene 2 months ago posting a serious challenge to Google’s Search Engine dominance. Google’s search engine holds 84 percent of the global market share and thus generates tens of billions of dollars in ad sales every quarter. This revenue posts two-thirds of the total revenue for Google.

On the other hand, Bing’s market share stood at just 9% last year.

Meanwhile, Google declared ChatGPT’s massive success and named it “Code Red” which indicates a threat to the company’s search engine’s market monopoly.

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After an announcement from Microsoft on Monday, Google and Baidu also announced their plans to tackle the situation.

On Tuesday, Chinese search engine giant Baidu it was preparing to put out an AI-powered chatbot, named “Ernie Bot”.

Google has already integrated more conversational techniques into its search engine, including providing easy-to-click answers to questions most often linked to a search request.

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