Microsoft To Shut LinkedIn In China

Microsoft To Shut LinkedIn In China

On Thursday, Microsoft announced the shutdown of career-oriented social network LinkedIn in China. The US-based company will replace LinkedIn with an application dedicated to applying for jobs in China.

The application is named after “InJobs” and will be without the networking features. This step by Microsoft comes as Beijing tightens control over tech firms.

LinkedIn was given a deadline by the Chinese internet regulators to better overseas content on the site. LinkedIn was launched in China in 2014. This has helped a lot of people to find job opportunities and maintain personal and professional relationships.

LinkedIn gained much popularity in China as many firms including small firms inside the country have opted for it to fulfill its employment needs.

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Facebook and Twitter have been banned in China for more than a decade. Google left China in 2010 in response to a hacking attack and censorship.

The US and China Trade war has impacted in many ways. Though there is a change of administration in the United States, the policy adopted by the Trump administration is being continued even by the Biden administration to date. China has expressed its strong objections over the US policies and reacted in the same manner to tackle its interests.

Chinese applications and companies have suffered a lot worldwide because of the country’s policies. India too banned many Chinese applications in the wage of India-China border stand-off.

The world’s biggest and popular Chinese firms like Huawei too suffered a setback in many countries apart from the US. Britain and other European countries too tightened the business with the Chinese companies.

Adding to the Chinese policies, Coronavirus is another factor that cornered China. Many countries are still blaming China for the virus spread. Though these allegations are to be proven yet, the impact has been far or less on Chinese trade.

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