MT New Diamond Carrying 2.7 Lakh Tonnes Of Crude Drifted

MT New Diamond Carrying 2.7 Lakh Tonnes Of Crude Drifted

The Panamanian waters close to the eastern shores of Sri Lanka registered a dangerous drift by MT New Diamond oil tanker carrying 2,70,000 tonnes of crude oil.

As per reports, the 36-hour operation was successful in curbing the blazes and also pushed the tanker into deep waters on Friday night.

What happened to MT New Diamond?

On Thursday morning, 330-metre (1,000-foot) long MT New Diamond vessel carrying 2,70,000 tonnes of crude oil drifted dangerously after issuing a distress signal when it was 37 miles (60 km) away from Sri Lanka’s eastern coastal town of Sangamankanda Point. Immediately, the tanker was triggered with fire as the engine room exploded. The fire killed one of the Filipino nation crew members.

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16 vessels including firefighting tugs along with 4 aircrafts were deployed to bring the blaze under control.

The oil vessel was on its way to the Indian port of Paradip via Sri Lanka when the accident happened. As per the Sri Lankan Navy and Indian Coastal Guards, there is no danger of the tanker breaking. The mishap has triggered danger bells when a 6.6 ft (2 meters) crack was seen on the vessel above the waterline.

Here is the tweet if Indian Coast Guard about MT New Diamond vessel

Present Situation of MT New Diamond

2 Indian and 1 chartered by the owners were brought into action on Friday night with 3 tugboats which pushed back the vessel into deep waters safeguarding the environmental issues.

Sri Lankan officials told that considering a ship-to-ship transfer of the crude before salvaging the tanker.

A major tragedy was avoided as the vessel was carrying heavy crude oil content. To remember, this vessel is larger than the Japanese carrier MV Wakashio, which crashed into a reef in Mauritius in the month of July 2020. Unfortunately in that reef, the vessel leaked more than 1,000 tonnes of crude oil into the island nation’s pristine waters.

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