Myanmar Mass Protests Force Armoured Vehicles Deployment

Myanmar Mass Protests Force Armoured Vehicles Deployment

All the major cities in Myanmar witnessed mass protests against the military coup. This has forced the army to deploy armoured vehicles across all the major cities along with Internet access block.

Thousands of people were on the streets to express their anger and anguish against the military coup. The army has detained the democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi on charges of corruption. For the past 9  days since the coup, the Myanmar military has tried to suppress the agitations by the people.

Yesterday, the army opened fire to disperse the crowd in the Northern part of Myanmar near a power plant. The United Nations has repeatedly urged the armed forces to reinstate the elected government and maintain peace. However, tow major nations – Russia and China have supported the Myanmar coup by restricting the U.N and U.S actions against it.

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One of the major set back for the Army is that the government workers are on strike on one side and on the other side, the civil obedience. Many domestic flights and trains were halted due to non-co-operation by the workers. At the same time, the Civil Aviation Department of Myanmar has announced a delay in International flights due to pilots strike.

On Sunday evening, the armoured forces were seen on the commercial streets of Myitkyina and Sittwe which are capitals of Yangon and Rakhine states. Continuing the same scene, on Monday too, dozens of police trucks with water cannon vehicles were deployed in central Yangon. Yangon is under the army’s scan since its coup. Main sites of protests started from here itself.

Sadly, the military has cut-off internet access since Feb 1, 2021, which is a date of the coup. Facebook and other social media were restricted from day 1 of the coup.

Some reports have hinted that the United States is already preparing to take action against Myanmar.

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