NewsLawn Analysis | Trump vs Biden Debate

NewsLawn Analysis | Trump vs Biden Debate

Trump vs Biden debate covered many issues like the recent Supreme Court judge nomination. Especially, Joe Biden covered issues like Corona pandemic, attacks on Blackmen.

One of the prominent phases of US Presidential elections 2020 has arrived. Republic party candidate and present President of US Donald Trump and Democrat party candidate Joe Biden were in a face to face conversation today morning at 6.30 A.M (IST).


Donald Trump and Joe Biden participated in a debate which was conducted in Cleveland. The arguments between the two were interesting. Chris Wallace was the co-ordinator for the program.

Here is the list of areas covered by Trump during the debate:


  • Former President Obama’s health care policy continuation was in doldrums because of lack of funds. This has become a burden in terms of financial aspects.
  • Health insurance was not discontinued but altered to benefit the people with less financial burdens. The latest health policy is a part of it.

Corona Pandemic

  • Because of China’s plague, the American economy has shut down.
  • Our administration was alert, hence the deaths were minimized. Otherwise, the death toll due to Coronavirus, the deaths might have crossed more than 20 lakhs.
  • We are a transparent government.
  • The deaths due to COVID-19 in countries like China, Russia and India are still unknown. Just because of the media’s propaganda, I got a bad name.
  • Foushee’s appreciation is the best example of my ability in handling Corona.
  • In this second, we are ready to distribute the vaccine for Coronavirus. All arrangements have been made.
  • Biden always stands 200 feet away from people while speaking. He is the biggest mask that I have ever seen.

Economy, Trade, and Employment

  • Since 1929, the economy of the United States is suffering due to lack of growth. It has to restart. It is very weak.
  • I have re-created 7 lakh jobs. They have done nothing.
  • Slowly, the US economy is coming out of the clutches of Coronavirus. The steps are being taken accordingly.

Racism… Demonstrations…

  • In 1994, the democrats have brought a bill, naming Afro-Americans as “Super Predators”. Democrats have treated them so miserably.
  • Democrats have failed in maintaining peace, law and order in their own ruling states.
  • We are working on some of the policies that will overcome the problem of racism.
  • Democrats are trying to project the nation as a racist country. When Obama was the president, the differences between blacks and whites have widened.
  • Democrat ruling states lack peace and the law and order have deteriorated.


  • We are bind to a clean environment. Paris agreement is the worst one.
  • In the name of the environment, don’t damage trade. A good forest administration is needed.
  • Environment protection will be taken up by all means.
  • Forest Management needs $100 lakh crore to implement Biden’s plans.

Mail Ballot Election Policy

  • Mail Ballot method is a complete pandemic. This method may involve many difficulties.
  • Mail Ballot method is completely irrelevant.
  • Mail Ballot will be a time taking method. Moreover, the possibility of Malpractices is more.
  • My intentions are that Votes should be counted in a free and fair manner.

In response, Democrat contender, Joe Biden expressed his opinions –

Health Policy

  • Trump has no idea related to Health policy.
  • Because of Obama Care policy suspension, people have suffered a lot.
  • Thousands of people have died due to Trump’s policies.
  • Trump has given more importance to Economical aspects rather the people’s health.

Carona Pandemic

  • Trump has completely failed in curbing the Coronavirus. He just stood helpless.
  • Trump has no planning in facing the Coronavirus pandemic. That is the reason many Americans have died.
  • The severity of the Pandemic was undermined by Trump. Trump is lying with respect to coronavirus measures.
  • Trump has never bothered about people’s health and racism. I have only maintained social distance while talking to people.

Economy, Trade, and Employment

  • Trump is the only president who will be remembered for creating less number of jobs in American history.
  • Small businesses have collapsed because of Coronavirus pandemic.
  • In every 6 small businesses, 1 has shut down. This is the present situation.
  • If we come to power, we will create 7 million more jobs than what Trump did. Every penny paid by the companies in the form of tax will be justified. The corporate tax will be reduced from 28% to 21%.

Racism… Demonstrations…

  • I have never seen a racist president like Trump in American history. The differences and violence have increased during Trump’s administration.
  • Afro Americans in America are facing well-organized racism. As soon as we come to power, we will hold a meeting with Human rights commissions and Police departments.
  • We are all Americans, we all together have built this country. This is our policy always.
  • The city outskirts have become problematic. Even the Coronavirus pandemic was intense in these areas only. Required funds will be allotted to overcome their problems. That is the only way to bring peace in those areas.


  • Plannings and Policies of trump related to Environmental protection are completely wrong. America should concentrate on reproductive fuel resources. By the year 2035, we will bring pollution emissions to zero levels.
  • If we come to power, then we will re-enter into the Paris Agreement. Environment protect is compulsory and we are seeing the consequences of climate changes.
  • As a part of a new Green environmental policy, firms which are causing pollution will be shut down.

Mail Ballot Election Policy

  • We completely believe that there is no scope for any malpractices. Trump is just trying to create confusion among people. Trump has only baseless doubts related to Mail Ballot metho.
  • I completely accept win or defeat.
  • Americans should decide the future of America. The vote lies in their hand to decide.

The / hour debate between the two candidates has tried to make their own impressions among the people. Not only the Americans but in fact, many people across the world were also interested in watching the debate and knowing the perspectives of the two leaders if they come to power.

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