Nizam funds landmark case: India wins, Pakistan Loose

Nizam funds landmark case: India wins, Pakistan Loose

In a big blow to Pakistan, UK High Court has given a verdict in favour of India with respect to Nizam’s fund. The verdict was delivered after 70 years.

Nizam funds landmark case: India wins, Pakistan Loose
                 Nizam funds landmark case: India wins, Pakistan Loose

Yet Pakistan has to face one more defeat from India. It is now in a 70-year-old long-running court case in the UK, the verdict favoured India. The High Court of England and Whales have delivered the landmark judgement where Pakistan’s claims proved to be false once again.

The 1948 started case ended in the year 2019. Dating back about the details of the case, the then last Nizam of India’s Hyderabad State, Mir Osman Ali Khan has transferred £1,007,940 and 9 shillings to the then Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK, Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola.

The transfer was done through the State of Hyderabad’s bank account to the National Westminster Bank in London and the funds got locked to date in the same bank. The present value of those funds comes around £35 million which is approximately 306 Crore in Indian Currency.

The 7 decade old Nizam funds case arguments were carried out between the Nizam’s descendants and Pakistan. However, India has supported Nizam’s descendants – Mukarram Jah and Muffakham Jah during this case arguments.

While delivering the verdict, Justice Marcus Smith stated –

Although the Government of Hyderabad was involved in the purchase of weapons in order to resist what Nizam VII saw as attempts by India forcibly to annex Hyderabad, and although the Second Account was used to pay for some of these weapons, I do not consider that the transfer had anything to do with the purchase of weapons or the compensation of Pakistan (in any way) for the purchase of weapons,

the trust was either a constructive trust in favour of Nizam VII or a resulting trust in favour of Nizam VII

The Princes and India – are entitled to have the sum paid out to their order. I will leave it to the parties (Nizam’s family and Indian government) to frame an appropriate form of order for my approval.

A press release by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said,

The Court rejected arguments advanced by Pakistan that the dispute was non-justiciable, either in whole or in part; that the doctrine of illegality somehow barred recovery; or that the claims of other parties were time barred.

Now it has become crystal clear that Pakistan has baseless arguments all these years in this case as well as they lied. The international community will observe such happenings and take a note.

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