Pataalkot - No Denying Fact That COVID-19 Failed To Reach

Pataalkot – No Denying Fact That COVID-19 Failed To Reach

India is full of wonderful places and undoubtedly leave you surprised and stunned to know that there are 12 villages in Pataalkot that are located 3,000 meters below the ground.

There are few things that seem to be unbelievable unless they come across us. One of such things is the “Pataalkot” location.

India – a land of ancient related wonders has once again proved to be true. Since 2019, almost there is no country or province in the entire globe that might not have been affected by the COVID-19. Especially in India, to date, all believed that the entire country got affected by the Coronavirus.

About Pataalkot

But surprisingly, an area called Pataalkot located in the state of Madhya Pradesh has no symptoms of COVID-19. There is no sign of the Coronavirus in this area where 12 villages are located. Pataalkot is in the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, India, and is situated in the hills of Satpura. The villages of Pataalkot are located 3,000 feet below ground level. These villages have many dense trees and that’s why even the sun rays can hardly reach the ground here. The area is inhabited by people of the Bhuria Tribe and most of them live in huts.

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It is to be noted that the people of Pataalkot prefer not to have much contact with the outside world. Hence, they grow most of their food items like grains, vegetables, pulses, etc in their villages by themselves and only come out of the village to buy salt. That too is because some of the villages are connected by road recently. Some villagers have come out of the deep valley and settled in the upper part of the hill in recent times. 

Earlier these villages were completely cut off from the outside world. Even today there is not much communication between Pataalkot and the rest of the world. That might be the reason why coronavirus has not even reached Pataalkot.

Mythological Significance Of Pataalkot

According to mythological legends, Pataalkot is the same place where Lord Rama’s wife Sita decided to go inside the Earth.

Also, some people believe that the demon Ahiravan lifted Lord Shri Ram and Lord Laxman, and took them to ‘Pataal Lok’, then Lord Hanuman entered ‘Pataal Lok’ from here to save them.

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