Poland Election Results 2020 - Narrow Win To Andrzej Duda

Poland Election Results 2020 – Narrow Win To Andrzej Duda

Poland’s conservative party’s candidate Andrzej Duda was declared the winner by the National Electoral Commission. He secured 51.2% compared to his rival 48.8%.

Poland’s presidential election 2020 results were announced on Monday. Though the counting has completed 99% only, the remaining 1% will not sway the results. Next elections will be held in the year 2023.

Despite Coronavirus pandemic, Poland has registered a 68.12% with 30 million eligible voters as per the National Electoral Commission. People were caught on media cameras standing in long ques to cast their vote. It is to be remembered that around 1,600 people died and 37,000 people got infected.

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Originally, the elections were due in May 2020. But the political and COVID-19 pandemic has postponed the elections for 2 months. Both Andrzej Duda and Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski had head-to-head competition for the presidential post in Poland. Earlier in June 2020,  Duda got 43.50% and Trzaskowski 30.50% support. But finally, Duda has secured a slight majority with 51.21% against Trzaskowski’s 48.79% to get re-elected as Poland’s president.

Duda used his right to vote in his hometown of Krakow. Trzaskowski cast his vote in his wife’s southern hometown of Rybnik.

But these election results may reflect a deep division within the European Union (EU) countries. Poland’s relations with the EU will have profound implications. Duda’s welfare programmes have won him the majority this time. MOstly, rural and small towns have majorly supported Duda and were attracted by the traditional Roman Catholic values. Many educated people did not support Duda.

Duda’s re-election as Poland’s president would prospect of next 3 years of uninterrupted rule by PiS. From now he will have control in the lower house. A win for his opponent, Trzaskowski would empower him to veto laws passed by the ruling conservatives when needed. This will also enable Poland a less contentious relationship with the EU nations. 

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