Rishi Sunak To Become UK's First British Asian Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak To Become UK’s First British Asian Prime Minister

After a period of intense political turmoil, 42-year-old Rishi Sunak will become the UK’s first British Asian (Indian origin) prime minister. He is also the youngest prime minister of the UK for more than 200 years.

Rishi Sunak won the leadership contest after his rival Penny Mordaunt failed to secure enough support from MPs.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson withdrew from the contest on Sunday, though he stated that he has enough support from MPs. Boris Johnson

On Tuesday after being formally appointed by the King, Sunak will take the PM office.

Liz Truss had to quit office as Prime Minister just after 45 days after her election. She will make an official statement as outgoing PM and will reach Buckingham Palace for her final meeting with King Charles.

After Liz Truss’s meeting, Rishi Sunak will meet the King for his official appointment as the UK’s PM. Sunak is the third prime minister candidate since the Conservative party won the last general election in 2019.

In a statement, Sunak said –

The United Kingdom is a great country but there is no doubt we face a profound economic challenge,

We now need stability and unity and I will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together.

Ms. Truss after failing with her mini-budget, offered full support to Sunak.

Rishi Sunka is taking office as prime minister at a time of economic crisis and pressure on public finances in the United Kingdom.

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Conservative Party Chairman Jake Berry asked all his party members to “unite four-square behind Rishi”.

Sunak’s leadership rival Penny Mordaunt also stated –

This decision is an historic one and shows, once again, the diversity and talent of our party,

Ms. Mordaunt also extended her support to Rishi Sunak.

Remember, both Theresa May and Boris Johnson won general elections as PMs in 2017 and 2019 respectively. All three (Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Liz Truss) failed to bring back the economy to track.

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