Series of Mysterious Fires And Explosions Hit All Over Iran

Series of Mysterious Fires And Explosions Hit All Over Iran

In the latest series of fires and explosions across Iran, on Wednesday 7 ships were set ablaze in the southern Iranian port city of Bushehr shipyard.

According to Tehran’s state media, the fires broke out on Wednesday afternoon. Despite firefighter’s efforts, at least 7 vessels were completely damaged as they were engulfed in flames with plumes of thick black smoke rising from debris.

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Bushehr is situated on the eastern coast of the Persian Gulf, 430 miles south of the capital, Tehran.

Just a day before this incident, a fire broke out in an aluminium factory on Tuesday evening in Lamerd city.

In recent times, Iran is struggling with fires and explosions across the country and surprisingly the reason is not yet known.

On the morning of June 2, 2020, an unexplained fire explosion took place at one of the key places of Iran i.e., at the Iranian Natanz Nuclear Complex. The fires have caused major damage to the site as Iran’s Uranium Enrichment program is run at that place. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has officially shared the images of the damage done at the site.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has stated that the investigation is on and the reason behind these fires will be revealed at an appropriate time. Such a statement will automatically raise doubts. One of them is that there are some illusions that these may not be explosions and they may be attacks from the neighbouring country Israel. The part of the U.S. also cannot be denied as the relations between Iran and the U.S. are souring these days. To remember, Iran has also issued a red notice in Trump’s name.

In India, there was a topic that went viral in some of the social media sites saying that Iran has joined hands with Pakistan and China to attack India during India-China border tensions in June. Though there is no authenticity for such news, there is a scope to believe that Israel might have taken a step against Iran for such a conspiracy.

Iran, just a few days before has unilaterally withdrawn from the Chabahar rail project. This is because there is news that Iran is seeking to finalise a 25-year economic and security partnership deal worth $400 billion with China.

One should remember that India and Israel are close allies and have a strong friendly relationship.

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