Sudan calls for renewed talks on Blue Nile Hydropower Dam

Sudan calls for renewed talks on Blue Nile Hydropower Dam

Blue Nile Hydropower dam is the centerpiece for Ethiopia to become Africa’s biggest power exporter. But this attempt has sparked concerns from Egypt.

Sudan calls for renewed talks on Blue Nile Hydropower Dam

Three countries – Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia have initially come to an understanding for the construction of the Blue Nile Hydropower Dam by which Ethiopia could become Africa’s biggest power exporter.


But earlier at the start of this year 2020, there was a break in the construction of dam works due to Egypt’s concern of Nile waters scarcity.

Nearly 100 million of Egypt’s population is entirely dependent on Nile waters. The construction of the dam will restrict the usage of Nile water.

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To overcome this, the United States of America has tried to negotiate between these three countries in the month of February. But the negotiations had failed. In the same month, the three countries were expected to sign an agreement. But Ethiopia skipped the meeting. Only Egypt has signed the agreement. The agreement was related to the filling and operation of the dam.

The construction of the dam was started in the year 2011. By October 2019, the work stood at approximately 70% completion.

now, Sudan’s irrigation minister, Yasser Abbas Mohamed Ali has initiated for the talks to resume. He invited his counterparts Ethiopia and Egypt for the resumption of talks on the $4 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The talks are likely to resume today digitally.

Yasser Abbas Mohamed Ali said that

in order to reach a comprehensive and satisfactory agreement that meets the interests of the three countries.

The Blue Nile flows through Ethiopia and the construction of the dam is placed on the borders of the country. The Blue Nile further reaches the Nile river.

It is believed that the dam will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa, and the seventh-largest in the world when completed.


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