TATA Tiago.EV - A Game Changer With First-In-Segment Features

TATA Tiago.EV – A Game Changer With First-In-Segment Features

TATA Motors India has introduced the game changer – TATA Tiago.EV in the Indian automobile market which Gets first-in-segment features.

TATA Motors India expressed their belief, that this TATA Tiago.EV car will certainly revolutionize mobility in India.

Let us have a glance at TATA Tiago.EV external look and engine specifications

The Design will definitely turn your head to have a look at least once. The front grill proudly sports the badge of honor. The contrasting roof will accentuate your style with dual-tone colors. Body door colour handles with Piano black insert and the part blend in a seamless look.  

Watch the Launch Event of the TATA Tiago.EV

Hyper style R14 size wheels will make the TATA Tiago.EV stands out from the crowd. The i-TPMS technology will ensure tire pressures.

Projector headlamps confidently navigate the road ahead with better visibility. Daytime running lamps – DRLs, will make your presence known at night or day. Front fog lamps ensure with more clear visibility even under dense fog conditions.

In the rear, follow me home lights will be lit until the drive completes and the electric tailgate release is just a touch of a button. The rear wiper with demister enhances the back view.

TATA Tiago.EV Engine

Coming to performance,  the TATA Tiago.EV runs on electricity, laced with adrenaline. It reaches the speed of 0-60 kmph in just 5.7 seconds with instant acceleration. The fully automatic drive has a sport mode to meet the engine’s power and torque. In a single word, the TATA Tiago.EV is tailored for short and frequent daily drives. It is packed with a 24KWh battery to deliver 315 km long-range drive in multi-mode regen. The IP67-rated battery pack will enable dustproof, waterproof, and also worry-proof.

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Safety first – for this vehicle. Front dual airbags will protect both driver and co-driver in case of accidents. ABS with EBD will enhance driving even under sudden braking conditions.

Parking is made easy with a reverse camera with dynamic guidelines.

TATA Tiago.EV Interiors

If we look at the interiors, TATA Tiago.EV provides comfort that will make feel at home even on the move.

The plush leatherette upholstery welcomes you to an immensely premium in-cabin experience. Sporty leatherette flat-bottom steering wheel helps the driver for better grip. The chrome inner door handle will add a dash of luxe to the cabin inside.

Other features like Push button start is an electrifying performance. The Cruise control makes the drive effortless & efficient. Fully automatic temperature control is an ideal joy for passengers. One can also set the temperature with a smartwatch. For the perfect rear view, electric ORVM with the auto fold is a convenient feature for the driver.

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one can enjoy in the driver seat as it has a height adjustment for a comfortable and confident position to drive. Other features include a cooled glove box for storing beverages and a puncture repair kit which ensure managing tire punctures.

TATA Tiago.EV Colours

TATA Tiago.EV is available in 5 colors – Tropical Mist, Teal Blue, Daytona Grey, Pristine White, and Midnight Plum.

TATA Tiago.EV Variants

TATA Tiago.EV is available in 7 variants – Tiago.ev XE MR, Tiago.ev XT MR, Tiago.ev XT LR, Tiago.ev XZ + LR, Tiago.ev XZ + Tech Lux LR, Tiago.ev XZ+ LR (7.2 kWh), and Tiago.ev XZ+ Tech Lux LR (7.2 kWh).

TATA Tiago.EV Price In India

Coming to the price, the introductory TATA Tiago.EV price starts at just ₹.8.49 Lakh and this price is ex-showroom, all-India. Introductory prices are applicable for the first 10,000 customers only. While other variant’s prices are –

  • Tiago.ev XE MR – ₹.8,49,000
  • Tiago.ev XT MR – ₹ 9 09 000
  • Tiago.ev XT LR – ₹.9,99,000
  • Tiago.ev XZ + LR – ₹.10,79,000
  • Tiago.ev XZ + Tech Lux LR – ₹.11,29,000
  • Tiago.ev XZ+ LR (7.2 kWh) – ₹.11,29,000
  • Tiago.ev XZ+ Tech Lux LR (7.2 kWh) – ₹.11,79,000

One can think of charging how-about. The company has set up charging points throughout the country. The 7.2 kW AC charging can be done comfortably at home. 10%-100% will be reached in just 2.6 hours for the medium range and 3.6 hours for the long range. DC fast charging which is a quick charge takes only 57 minutes to reach 10%-80% for both medium and long range. 15A portable charging can be done anywhere. It takes 6.9 hours to reach 10%-100% for the medium range and 8.7 hours for the long range. The 3.3 kW wall box charging is a more convenient way as it takes 5.1 hours to get charged between 10%-100% for the medium range and 6.4 hours for the long range.

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