Tigress Gives Birth To Rare Cubs With Different Colour Combinations

Tigress Gives Birth To Rare Cubs With Different Colour Combinations

According to the experts it is a rare event that a tigress giving birth to different colour combinations for each cub. This happened in India’s Madhya Pradesh state.

At the Kamala Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya (Indore Zoo), a tigress named Ragini gave birth to 3 cubs which are considered as rare because of their colour combinations. They were born with 3 different colours combination which is probably the first time that happened in India.

Ragini is nine-year-old white tigress. The father of cubs is four-and-half year black tiger Vicky, a melanistic tiger.

Dr Uttam Yadav, the Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya Zoo in-charge claimed that the such multicoloured tigers are not there in any of the zoos nationwide. He gave the details of the newly born tiger cubs –

One cub is black and white, just like its father, and the other two are a mix of three colors black, white and orange.

  • 1st cub black and white color was born at 10:37 A.M.
  • 2nd cub tri-color (black, white and orange) was born at 12:18 A.M.
  • 3rd black tiger (orange and black) was born at 01:51 P.M.

Dr Uttam Yadav further eloberated by saying –

The white tiger is produced by a genetic fluke that occurs when two orange tigers with rare recessive forms of a gene, called alleles, happen to breed,

The zoo officials said that the mother and the cubs are healthy and are under observation.

With the birth of these 3 cubs, the count of tigers in the Indore zoo has reached 15 (8 adults and 7 cubs).

About tigress Ragini?

Tigress Ragini was brought to Indore zoo Kamla Nehru Prani Sanghralaya in 2021 under the animal exchange programme from Odisha.

white tigers in the wild are very rare and only been seen a handful of times in recorded history. The last wild white tiger killed in 1958 as per the official records. The last white tigress in Indore zoo died in 2016.

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