Truecaller has added four preloaded templates that can be set as a Video Caller ID

Truecaller Debuts New Features for Android Users

Today, Sweden-based company, Truecaller launched its latest version 12 with some of the additional and ghost features for Android devices.

However, some features are made available only to Premium and Gold subscribers exclusively. One of the biggest features is Video Caller ID.

Here is the list of the latest features that are incorporated in the Truecaller ID app:

  • A redesigned interface that separate calls and SMS messages. This will replace the existing interface which used to access calls and SMS.
  • Separate tabs for SMS, Truecaller Group Chats, and direct chats.
  • Integrated call recording feature to record incoming and outgoing calls for all users (Paid and free).
  • Ghost Call and Call Announce features for paid users.
  • Recorded Calls using Truecaller can be shared over email or through any messaging service.
  • Video Caller ID can be set with a short video that will automatically play when a call is placed from your phonebook contacts or to a verified business caller.
  • Record a video for the caller ID or choose from the 4 preloaded templates.
  • Notably, the set video which is set as a caller ID will be stored in the Truecaller cloud.
  • Family Safety.

Truecaller early this week revealed that it has 300 million monthly active users around the globe. India remains the largest market with 73% of its total users.

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All the new features will be gradually rolled out for all Android users in India and several other countries soon. Some of the features are already available for access in the beta version. However, there is no word on the iOS version of Truecaller.

Step-by-Step Guide As How to use new Truecaller 12 version features

You can manage your Video Caller ID as to how to receive from contacts and businesses by going to Settings > Caller ID from the latest Truecaller app.

How to enable call recording feature using Truecaller for Android

  1. Grant the accessibility permission to Truecaller Call Recording by going to Settings > Accessibility on your device.
  2. Now, tap the record button from the Caller ID screen when you receive or make a new call to record its audio.

How to disable the call recording feature in Truecaller App on Android

  1. Go to the side menu by pressing the hamburger button from the top-left corner of the Truecaller app.
  2. Tap Call Recordings and then turn off the ‘Call recording‘ option.

What is Ghost Call?

Ghost Call is a feature where you can schedule a call simulation on your phone to get out of awkward situations

Ghost Call feature
Ghost Call feature

or boring meetings. These calls are not saved in the call log. Even there will be no trace of these call logs.

Truecaller has added four preloaded templates that can be set as a Video Caller ID
Truecaller has added four preloaded templates that can be set as a Video Caller ID.

One of the backlogs of TrueCaller Call recording is that the background noise cancellation is absent. When a call is being recorded only the calling side will be recorded. The other side voice will not be recorded. This is a useless feature for any user.

It is happy to know that this feature is available for even free users too.

Another new feature that has been added to Truecaller 12 is Family safety. This needed to be installed on the Android device first. This is a personal safety app. This will share the location with your guardian and track the live location of the shared ones.

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