UAE Launches Mission Hope To Mars, Joins US And China

UAE Launches Mission Hope To Mars, Joins US And China

Rapturous excitement of UAE’s citizens was met successfully as Arab worlds’ first mission Hope to Mars was launched from Tanegashima Space Centre.

UAE’s first space mission to Mars called Al-Amal, meaning Hope was successfully launched from Tanegashima Space Centre in Southern Japan at 6.58 A.M.

After the successful launch, UAE Mars mission’s deputy project manager, Sarah al-Amiri from Dubai said –

an indescribable feeling,

This is the future of the UAE,

Mission’s project manager, Omran Sharaf said 

What is unique about this mission is that for the first time the scientific community around the world will have an holistic view of the Martian atmosphere at different times of the day at different seasons,

We have a strategy to contribute to the global effort in developing technologies and science work that will help one day if humanity decides to put a human on Mars.

UAE’s government declared the probe launch as a

message of pride, hope and peace to the Arab region, in which we renew the golden age of Arab and Islamic discoveries.

Here is the Video posted by UAE government enjoying the successful launch of Mission Hope

The Mission Hope has been launched with the aim of human settlement on Red planet – Mars in the next 100 years to come. Apart from this, the Mission Hope will provide comprehensive images of weather dynamics in Mar’s atmosphere. Also, Hope is different from other missions to Mars. Hope will not land on the Mars planet, but instead, it will land on its orbit.

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The mission’s success will place the UAE in the list of Mars successful mission launching countries the United States of America (Mission Mars 2020) and China (Mission Tianwen-1).

Marking the 50th anniversary of the unification of 7 emirates to form UAE which is due in February 2021, Mission Hope is expected to reach Mars’s orbit by that time. Another advantage for this UAE’s mission for Mars is that according to NASA, Red Planet Mars will be nearer to Earth by 36.8m miles which is approximately 62m Km from October 2020. This will be an advantage factor related to travelling time to Mars.


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