US Election Results 2020

US Presidential Race Still Undecided

Amid speculations, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have their own predictions regarding the US Presidential election results 2020.

As of now a slight lead by Joe Biden is horrifying Donald Trump camp. After 4 days of elections completion, people of America still wait to get their President named officially.

To become the President, one should win 270 seats out of 538. 4 key states — Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania are holding the nerves tight for both Biden and Trump for their win. The counting in these states would decide the winner.

Just a couple of days back, trump falsely declared himself as the winner. But he lacked confidence in his statement, as he said that he is preparing for a legal battle if Biden is declared as the winner.

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On the other hand, Biden is issuing statement cautiously. Though the Democrats have the boosting results, none of the leaders from that party has announced their confidence in public. However, Biden has called for unity and he is leading the numbers convincingly towards the win.

But many say that the projection of win will be too early as the counting is still on. On the other hand, world countries are curious as who will be the next President of the US and what should be their political strategy if Biden wins or Trump wins.

The coming 24 hours would be a decider for the fate of Biden and Trump as per the anticipations. Many think that the counting would be winded up soon and the winner would emerge as the next US President who will hold the office for the next 4 years.

Countries like India, Russia and China have their own calculations over the results of the US Presidential elections 2020. The Bilateral relations will have a deep impact based on the Democrat or Republican Party because of their policies every time.

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