US Warns Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

US Warns Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Russia Ukraine Crisis is deepening day by day. The US involvement in Russia Ukraine Crisis has complicated it further. It looks war-like situation in the region.

The United States on Thursday warned Russia over its stand on Ukraine. The US Treasury Department has already announced sanctions on individuals who are influencing activities as directed by Russia.

In a statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said:

This action was part of our ongoing, longstanding efforts to counter Russia’s network of influence efforts and to expose its dangerous, threatening, and ongoing campaign to destabilize Ukraine,

These individuals are at the heart of Russia’s destabilizing campaign in Ukraine and we stand united with the Ukrainian government.

We see what they’re doing and we are disrupting it. These actions are separate and distinct from the broad range of high-impact, severe measures we and our allies are prepared to impose in order to inflict significant costs should they invade,

Psaki briefed that the US administration is analysing the situation and will act accordingly based on the previous experiences and foreign policy team consultations. She further said that the US is consulting its partners for necessary actions. She added that

President Putin is going to make the choice he’s going to make. Either he is going to decide to invade Ukraine and suffer severe economic consequences or he is going to decide to engage in diplomatic discussions,

The aggressor is Russia and Putin. They are building up military troops and also pushing out misinformation in Ukraine. That’s who we need to keep our focus on and make sure we are educating the public about their actions,

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Later, the US president Joe Biden told reporters:

I’ve been absolutely clear with President Putin… If any assembled Russian units move across the Ukrainian border, that is an invasion and would be met with a severe and coordinated economic response that I’ve discussed in detail with our allies and laid out very clearly for President Putin.

Let there be no doubt at all that if Putin makes this choice, Russia will pay a heavy price,

Further, the US president shared his views about the Russian army actions across the Ukrainian border. He said:

Remember when they moved into the Donbas with ‘Little Green Men’? They were dealing with those who were Russian sympathizers and said that Russia had nobody in there,

We have to be ready to respond to these in a united way with a range of tools at our disposal,

Over the past few months, US and Russia have had their own stands over Ukraine. Russia is moving firmly over the borders prepared for tackling any situation and already warned the US for its interference. Looking at the present situation, it seems Russia is preparing for a war-like situation. However, political experts believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is wise enough to tackle the situation and may adopt alternatives to war such as cyber-attacks or some other mediums.

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