Volcano Erupts with Electric-Blue Lava in Indonesia

Volcano Erupts with Electric-Blue Lava in Indonesia

A mesmerizing scene is attracting photographers and tourists across the world as Kawah Ijen volcanic erupting with electric-blue fire in Indonesia.

Lava which flows as electric-blue fire trickles down the mountain slope is attracting tourists and photographers. It is more beautiful to look after sunset or at nights. But these blue flames are difficult for visibility.

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The fascinating Kawah Ijen volcanic eruption over several years in the blue glow isn’t lava according to the analysts. But it is the light that is produced when the sulfuric gases that are emitted by the volcanic cracks of the volcano get in contact with the normal oxygen richly filled air, is thus creating a blue flame. Also, when the liquid sulphur continues to burn for a long time. In the process, it flows down the mountain slopes and it gives an illusion for the naked eye as lava flowing.

The world’s largest acidic Crater lake which is situated near Kawah Ijen volcano is rich with hydrochloric acid. It is a common phenomenon that the lava and gases released from this volcano react with the lake water which in turn leave sulphur deposits as residue around the lake.

Here’s a video documentation of the burning blue volcano posted in youtube:

Visiting this unique volcano can be said as one of the wonders of Nature can be visited by the tourists with simple precautions like wearing a gas mask as well as eye protection glasses. This is because the gases might affect vision and breathing.

The volcano also provides employment to the local labour. Sulphur mining is an industry that provides livelihood to many workers. An estimate of 70,000 metric tonnes of Sulfur is produced yearly with artisanal miners.

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