Yoshihide Suga Elected As New Japan PM

Yoshihide Suga Elected As New Japan PM

Yoshihide Suga will be replacing outgoing Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This was officially announced on Wednesday. Abe stepped down due to health reasons.

The 71-year old Yoshihide Suga was elected as Japan’s new Prime Minister by the country’s parliament through the voting process. He was a right hand for the outgoing PM Abe.

He is also known for his hard work and meetings. It is said that his morning starts with 100 meetings and ends with that 100th meeting. He is also known for his simplicity and has a good reputation as the son of a farmer.

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Shinzo Abe is popular as the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan in the country’s history. Suga was also chosen as the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which is also the current ruling party of Japan. He was chosen as the LDP party leader with about 70% of votes.

Suga will complete the remaining tenure of the Abe. The Diet vote (Japan’s Parliament) has voted him as the Prime minister. He secured 314 votes out of 465 votes in the lower house and in the upper chamber he secured 142 votes out of 240 votes.

Suga is expected to announce the cabinet which may include Abe’s appointees only to a larger extent. Today, Yoshihide Suga will be sworn as the Prime Minister in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo by Japan’s Emperor Naruhito.

Many political analysts in Japan consider Yoshihide Suga as a perfect Shinzo Abe because of his abilities and working capability. To remember, Suga has worked in Abe’s cabinet as Cheif Secretary which handles Staff as well as Press. A total of 8 years experience lies under him.

Suga also has a reputation of a man of things done. He played a key role in implementing the economic policies designed to boost Japan’s economy by the former Prime minister. Japan is the third-largest economy in the world.

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