A 1600-Year-Old Religious Place Found In Haryana

A 1,600-Year-Old Religious Place Found In Haryana

Archaeologists have unearthed an old site in Haryana’s Sandhai village in Yamunanagar district around the lost Saraswati river which is aged back to 1200 to 1600-year-old.

According to a senior archaeologist, the site might have existed between the 4th and 89th centuries. Roughly, 1200 to 1600 years old.

The site has evidence of another Nagara-style temple of stones, pillars and other material related to the base of the construction. Coins were found that belong to Indo-Sasanian culture and are Sri-ha type which is dated to the 7th century.

On the other hand, the artifices which were found there belonged to the post-Gupta era. The bricks found suggest they belonged to the Kushan era. The mythical river, Saraswati is mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Kirmach village in Haryana believes it existed 5.000 years ago but got underground due to geographical developments and earthquakes. However, its existence has been a subject of scientific curiosity for many.

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The actual chronology of the site will be known only after the clearance of the vegetation from the site. As of now, there are indications of the continuous habitation that existed between the 4th and 89th Century AD that can be analyzed.

The state archaeological department and Haryana Heritage Development Board officials visited the site after a villager reported finding six antique coins in an old fort in the village. After initial excavation, 33 coins were found. Other evidence of a habitat found is earthenware, bricks, etc.

The unearthing of the entire site is under process. Once completed, all the details might bring a clear picture of what this site is all about and the civilizations that existed there. Also, the limelight on the era can be known. Religious temples and more sculptures are expected to be unearthed. The earth digging is a key phase as the archaeologists have to safeguard the unknown facts inside.

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