Bajaj Chetak rebirth as an electric vehicle

Bajaj Chetak rebirth as an electric vehicle

Bajaj Chetak a popular brand that captured almost 75% of the two-wheeler market in the 90’s era is now relaunching itself as an electric vehicle.

Bajaj Chetak rebirth as an electric vehicle
                            Bajaj Chetak rebirth as an electric vehicle

Bajaj Chetak, once upon a time, a commanding leader in the Indian 2-wheeler automobile market is now getting re-introduced in a new form.

Bajaj Chetak was introduced in the year 1972. Since then till the year 2005, Bajaj scooters enjoyed an overwhelming 33 years of uninterrupted market reach.

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During this phase, Bajaj Auto remained as India’s leading two-wheeler maker as well as the seller. At a point of time, the booking and delivery period was about 8-10 years. This was equivalent to that of a Premier Padmini Car’s waiting period in India. By 1990, Bajaj Auto turned out to be the world’s largest scooter manufacturer. The waiting period also got vanished.

Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, and Punjab were the top marketing Indian states for Bajaj scooter sales. In the year 1998, the Bajaj automobiles market stake was around 75% of the total two-wheeler market in India. It can be termed as the golden era for Bajaj Auto.

With the announcement of the Liberalisation of Indian Economy by Late Prime Minister, P. V Narasimha Rao’s government, the India automobile industry has also undergone huge changes. The era of Motor Cycles has resulted in a gradual decline in scooter sales in India.

Adding to that, the rise in petrol prices and the mileage factor has affected the scooter sales. But Bajaj Auto business strategy has also changed as per the conditions. It introduced its motorcycle “Pulsar” in collaboration with Japan’s Kawasaki company.

Now after these many years, Bajaj Auto has announced the rebirth of Chetak. A piece of very good news for many Bajaj scooter lovers. As many automobile experts are aware of Vespa brand scooters in India, the impact of sales it had after re-introduction in a new form.

Now, Chetak re-introduction but in a different form is also a kind of business strategy by Bajaj Auto. Chetak Scooter will be launched as an electric vehicle as the future is blooming for electric vehicles. Bajaj Logo will not be featured for the new electric vehicle. Only Chetak will be emblemed.

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