CAB Protests: Assam remains on boil as violence intensifies

CAB Protests: Assam remains on boil as violence intensifies

CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill), and NRC (National Register of Citizens)- these two bills were introduced in Indian Parliament for voting.

CAB Protests: Assam remains on boil as violence intensifies

Despite Modi’s government assurance, especially CAB has created havoc in the people of Assam. For the past few days, Assam is boiling with violence. Army has been deployed to control the situation.

CAB 2019 which was proposed and getting ready for implementation after voting in both the Houses of Indian Parliament – Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. CAB got a nod from President of India, Ramdev Kovind to become a bill.

Now, the CAB has to face its test in West Bengal and Assam. Though the politics are in its place on this bill, PM Modi has urged people to maintain peace and harmony.

Assam is recording intense violence as many citizens fear loss because of this bill. Especially, Muslims living in India fear that they may fail to prove their Citizenship. Also, many have a view that both NRC and CAB are for protecting the Hindu community particularly.

Because of this fear violence broke out and at least two people got killed. Communication systems like the Internet got disconnected in Assam for the past 10 days. Assam Airport has been shut down as many flights were cancelled because of this unrest.

Curfew is being imposed in Assam to control violence. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi along with Union Home Minister, Amit Shah have assured that no citizen’s rights will be affected with the introduction of CAB 2019.

Many fear that NRC might be implemented across India. There is a view that if this happens then much Hindu community get benefited rather than the Muslim community.

Bangladesh foreign minister’s two days India’s visit has been cancelled amid CAB protests. But the Indian officials have denied this.

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