China calls on US to stop interfering in its internal affairs

China criticized US for interfering in its internal matters in the name of Human Rights. Venezuela won a seat in the UNHRC which was not astonished by the US.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo commented on the result of Venezuela’s winning with respect to Human Rights. Venezuela won a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for serving it for a three year time period.

As per the UN rules, a country that upholds the highest standards in protecting the human rights will be elected as a member nation to serve in UNHRC.

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Last year, in Venezuela nearly 5,000 unconstitutional killings took place apart from illegal imprisonment of political dissidents. Citing these reasons, the United States has expressed such an opinion over Venezuela’s inclusion in the UNHRC.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokes person Geng Shuang at the press conference has stated

Otherwise, it will only further undermine the image and reputation of the United States and will surely be opposed to by the international community.

China has taken the opportunity to express its anguish in the UN over the United State’s attitude in Hong Kong matters. Hong Kong protests has become another issue for both the countries to widen their relational gap.

If anyone questions or challenges the result, does he or she want to challenge the authority of the United Nations General Assembly and the majority of the UN members?

China had a strong view that foreign entities were behind the strong agitations and protests in Hong Kong. Adding fuel to this fuel, US has passed a bill supporting the Hong Kong protests.

China has also called  the US for not politicizing the Hong Kong issues in the name of Human rights.

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