Protests intensify as Lebanon’s Financial Crisis deepen

Protests in Lebanon have turned violent as the Government tried to levy new taxes. Lebanon Prime Minister sets a 72-hour deadline for a solution.


Lebanon Prime Minister, Saad Hariri has set a 72- hour deadline for his coalition government partner parties to submit a plan for the ongoing economic crisis in the country. In a statement issued by Hariri, he blamed the coalition partners for creating obstacles while framing reforms.

I’m giving our partners in government a very short deadline – 72 hours that can give us a solution that can convince us, the people on the streets and our international partners,

While describing the country’s sick economic condition, he termed it as “difficult” and “unprecedented”.

The ongoing protests started 2 days ago as the government levied new taxes to generate revenue. The taxes were levied on WhatsApp calls too.

The protesters demanded the immediate resignation of President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and Foreign Minister (also the son-in-law of President) Gebran Bassil.

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Protesters raised the slogans “Revolution! Revolution!” which sets an alarm for the government. The Anti-government slogans were poured throughout the streets of Lebanon’s second-largest city, eastern Bekaa valley and in Tripoli.

Reacting to the protester’s reaction, Hariri has offered the power to resolve the economic crisis. Lebanon, a small country struggled with civil wars for over 15-years. The civil war ended in 1990. Lebanon is one of the world’s most indebted country.

Lebanese people were struggling with low living standards due to slow economic growth. People blamed the politicians for not taking enough measures the slow economic growth. Foreign investments also dried up for the country.

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