China deploys military to crackdown Hong Kong unrest

China deploys military to crackdown Hong Kong unrest

Hong Kong is a burning issue that China is trying to suppress with its force. Pro-Democracy activists were arrested for protesting against China.

China deploys military to crackdown Hong Kong unrest

Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow were arrested by the Hong Kong police for conducting Pro-Democracy demonstrations. They were granted bail later.

The protests against the government began from June 2019 after a controversial bill was disposed of by Carrie Lam, CEO of Hong Kong.

In 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong was handed over to China by the British. Today, Hong Kong is one of the most significant financial centre and commercial ports in the world. From then, China has declared Hong Kong as the special administrative region.

Though Hong Kong is ruled from the mainland of China, it maintained its own governing and economic systems under “One Country, Two Systems” designation.

For the past few weeks, China has deployed its military forces on a large scale. Adding to this, the government has also stated that it could impose an emergency in case of situation going out of hands. If that happens, then Lam will be empowered with extra-ordinary powers to restore law and order.

Lam has however stated that

As a government we have the responsibility to see what we have in our existent law that can deal with the unrest. If the violence calms down then there would be no need to do this.

On the other hand, China has strongly objected raising this issue in the G7 summit by terming it as its internal issue and it cannot entertain the foreign country’s interference.

This statement of China resembles its double standards. On one hand, it tries to interfere in internal matters of India. It has raised Kashmir issue and also interfered in the states that share a border with it on many platforms internationally. And on the other hand, when it comes to Tibet or Hong Kong, it becomes an internal matter of China and that cannot be raised in any dais.

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