Climate Protestors launched civil disobedience around the World

Climate Protestors launched civil disobedience around the World

On Monday, thousands of Climate change Activists around the world took onto streets to demand immediate actions to save the climate.

Climate Protestors launched civil disobedience around the World

Protests in countries like Austria, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Spain have halted the traffic as the protestors locked the streets peacefully.

As per the “Paris Agreement”, countries around the world have to take measures to curb pollution and save the Planet Earth.

Big economies like the US and China have not even spelled a word in recent United Nations Summit held in New York in this regard.

Nearly 70 countries out of the 198 nations in the UN have announced measures to beef up their Paris pledges regarding new and effective measures to stop the Climate change at a rapid speed. Unfortunately, no country has implemented them.

This behavior of the respective governments has irritated the Climate Change protestors and they have decided to conduct rallies and protests against the governments peacefully for not keeping their promises.

Climate Protestors have announced that more than 60 cities will be covered in the coming few days for conducting rallies and protests.

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Peaceful civil disobedience by the Extinction Rebellion group to demand immediate action to cut the carbon emissions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of the protestors around the world have carried banners stating –

Climate change denies our children a future unless we act now

We’re here because the government is not doing enough on the climate emergency,

We only get one planet and so we’re here to try and defend it.

Heal Earth

Stop Ecocide, Change the Law.

The time for the nations have come as Millions of people around the world are participating in the protests to save the Planet Earth and Stop Deadly Climate Changes.

Till now, all the nations have failed to step up in this module of saving Nature and stopping the climate disaster. The saga lies the same for developed countries, developing countries and underdeveloped countries in this aspect of saving the climate.

Though Russia has recently joined the Paris Agreement after the Trump administration walked out of the treaty, not much is expected from the world leaders for a drastic change in their policies of saving the climate and Nature.


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