Hell waterfall in Thailand - Dead Wild Elephants Toll at 11

Hell waterfall in Thailand – Dead Wild Elephants Toll at 11

A drone discovered the elephant carcasses at Thai Waterfalls. The drones are being used to investigate the cause of the death of the giant animals.

Hell waterfall in Thailand - Dead Wild Elephants Toll at 11
      Hell waterfall in Thailand – Dead Wild Elephants Toll at 11

According to a spokesman of the National Park in Northeastern Thailand, 5 more dead bodies of the elephants were found near Hell waterfall in Khao Yai. Now adding the death toll to 11. Last weekend, it was discovered that 6 elephants were dead at the same spot. The pictures taken by the Drone show 2 more live elephants that are struck on the edge of the Haew Narok Ravine Waterfall. This is the largest waterfall in Khao Yai National Park.

The park officials say that the Six elephants which died last week, happened as they tried to reach a dead calf. It is believed that all the elephants belonged to the same herd. Elephants normally live and move in groups.

Sompote Maneerat, a spokesman of National Parks has confirmed that 5 more elephants were found dead on Tuesday, 8th Oct 2019.

Varawut Silpa-Archa, National Resources and Environment minister of Thailand has stated It was an accident.

We have often seen this happening.

This is the largest number of deaths that are recorded in the National Parks history in a single incident. As per the reports, the park consists of around 300 elephants which cover about 2,000 sq. km. (772 sq. miles) of forest and grassland. It is a habitat for many wild animals. It is also one of the tourist spots because of the waterfalls. Now, it has been closed temporarily because of the mishap.

However, rescuers are trying to save the 2 elephants that were found alive. They supplied food so that the giant animals possess some energy for survival.

Last month of September seems to be a bad month for the animals in Thailand as a 19-year old celebrity giant panda, Chuang Chuang died at Chiang Mai Zoo.

Chuang Chuang Panda died of Heart attack in Chiang Mai Zoo
   Chuang Chuang Panda died of a Heart attack in Chiang Mai Zoo

The sudden death of Chuang Chuang sparked outrage in China as it had been on loan to Thailand by China since 2003 with female panda Lin Hui. However, the cause of death was identified as a sudden heart attack but not due to the negligence of the zoo authorities.

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