Nobel Prize 2019 for medicine

Nobel Prize 2019 for medicine Bagged by 1 British and 2 American scientists

Doctors Gregg L. Semenza (America), William G. Kaelin Jr, (America) and Peter J. Ratcliffe (Britain) have bagged Nobel Prize 2019 for medicine.

Nobel Prize 2019 for medicine
                                         Nobel Prize 2019 for medicine

According to the Karolinska Institute, the 9 million kronor (Approx. $918,000) cash award will be shared equally among the three scientists – Gregg L. Semenza of Johns Hopkins University, William G. Kaelin Jr. of Harvard University and Peter J. Ratcliffe (kidney doctor) of the Francis Crick Institute in Britain Oxford University.

Nobel Prize 2018 for medicine was won by James Allison (United States) and Tasuku Honjo (Japan) for their work in immunotherapy – activating the body’s natural defense system to fight tumors.

The Nobel committee stated –

greatly expanded our knowledge of how physiological response makes life possible,

This year, medical research is related to the discovery of how the body’s cells sense and react to oxygen levels. According to the Nobel committee, this research will pave the way for new strategies to fight cancer, anemia and other diseases.

Nobel Prize 2019 is the 110th prize in physiology or medicine category since 1901. Nobel prize will be awarded in Stockholm and Oslo on Dec 10th, 2019. It is the anniversary of Nobel’s death. Nobel died in the year 1896.

The announcement of the Nobel Prize 2019 for medicine has kicked off the awards distribution. A line of awards has been announced for categories related to Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Peace, etc.

Physics Prize was awarded on Oct 8, 2019.

Chemistry Prize is being awarded on Oct 9, 2019.

Literature Prizes for both the years 2018 and 2019 will be announced on Oct 10, 2019. Because of sex abuse allegations and other issues internally among the ranks of Swedish Academy which selects the Literature winner, this category was not included in the last year. Now both the year’s awards are being announced and will be awarded.

The Peace Prize will be announced on Oct 11, 2019.

The Economics Prize will be awarded on Oct 14, 2019.

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