COVID-19 Cases Reach 34 Lakh Mark - A Report

COVID-19 Cases Reach 34 Lakh Mark – A Report

COVID-19 pandemic seems to be not ending soon as the number of cases is increasing worldwide. Till date around 2,43,831 patients have died globally.

As of date, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected 34,28,422 people of which 20,91,402 are still in quarantines. And 10,93,189 are recovered cases. One of the biggest relief for global countries is that India has been controlling the pandemic in an effective manner. There are just 39,980 cases in India out of which 28,406 are in the active stage while the remaining 10,633 are recovered and 1,301 are fatal cases.

Medically advanced countries like the United States of America and other European Countries have suffered a lot due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The most suffered nation is the US. It has 11,58,536 COVID-19 victims. Saint Pierre And Miquelon have only 1 COVID-19 victim.

In a dramatic manner, China mainland has controlled the pandemic and it has recorded only 88,432 COVID-19 victims. Though many countries doubt the figures published by the dragon country, World Health Organisation (WHO) has certified China of not creating the virus as blamed by Trump administration. The US has repeatedly targetted China for the COVID-19 and argued that this is a created virus to kill its economy.

WHO also warned the global countries of the pandemic future dangers. It has also indicated that the coming days will be tougher and dangerous. Presently, 213 countries are suffering from Coronavirus pandemic.

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Meanwhile, most of the countries have declared lockdown policies to tackle the pandemic. There seems to be prevention is the only medicine presently to cure this deadliest virus. Though there is a huge economic loss to the nations, they have decided to continue their lockdowns on a large scale and for a longer time.

One of the aspects that may be enlighted at this moment is that of Nature. Nature has its own course of action when there is a need. There are many aspects that have come into force due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

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