Kim Jong Un Is Still Alive and Well

Putting an end to the rumors and speculations about the health of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, today he made his public appearance after 20 days.


Breaking the ice about his ill-health interpretations by the world countries, Kim Jong Un appeared before the public to inaugurate a fertilizer factory in Suncheon which is near North Korea’s capital city Pyongyang.

The US media has used the words about Kim Jong Un that he was is in “Grave Danger“. US President Donald Trump himself has expressed the same opinion based on their intelligence information.

Few Hong Kong-based media have even scrolled that Kim Jong Un was dead. However, from the starting of these kinds of rumors, South Korea was firm on its stand about the North Korean leader’s health and illness. South Korean reports were based on perfect intelligence information. The sources claimed that there were no suspicious movements in the North to indicate any illness or death situation of Kim Jong Un.

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Though some of the North Korean media sites have stated that Kim Jong Un underwent a cardiovascular treatment by some of China trained doctors and is in observation,  there was no indication of serious problems or threats for his life.

The curtain of his ill health drama was raised when Kim Jong Un was absent for the 104th birth anniversary of his grandfather and the state founder, Kim II Sung.

The rumors were not denied by any of the North Korean spokespersons officially. The media in North Korea has its limitations. There is no ‘freedom of the press’ in North Korea. Hence, there was no news published related to Kim Jong’s activities. The restrictions on the press in North Korea facilitate to maintain the most secrecy about the nation and its leaders.

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