Deadliest Terrorist Attacks Kill 100 Civilians In Burkina Faso

Deadliest Terrorist Attacks Kill 100 Civilians In Burkina Faso

On Friday, Northern Burkina Faso village witnessed one of the deadliest terrorist attacks since 2015. At least 100 civilians got killed in a attack by gunman.

Solhan village, in the Sahel’s Yagha province of the west African country has become the victim of jihadist violence this time. There were reports of increase in violence for the past few weeks despite of the presence of French troops in the region. Around 5,000 French troops were deployed in the Sahel.

President Roch Marc Christian Kabore has called the attack “barbaric”.

The government has declared 72 hours of mourning.

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A government spokesman Ousseni Tamboura said –

the local market and several homes were also burned down in the area toward the border of Niger,

However, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Spokesman of the UN chief Antonio Guterres, Stephane Dujarric said –

The Secretary-General is outraged by the killing, early today, of over a hundred civilians, including seven children, in an attack by unidentified assailants on a village in the Province of Yagha, in the Sahel Region of Burkina Faso,

strongly condemns the heinous attack and underscores the urgent need for the international community to redouble support to Member States in the fight against violent extremism and its unacceptable human toll,

Islamic extremists have been increasingly staging assaults in Burkina Faso, especially in the region that borders Niger and Mali.

At least 20 people died and others were taken hostage by the Islamist gunmen stormed in a hotel in the capital city of Burkina Faso on January 16, 2016.

In April month jihadist violence killed more than 50 people in Burkina Faso. Due to the violence more than 1 million people got displaced internally.

In May a gunmen killed at least 30 people in eastern Burkina Faso near the border with Niger.

Mali also is experiencing a political crisis that has led to the suspension of international support.

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