Dodgers Clinch World Series Title After 32 yrs

Dodgers Clinch World Series Title After 32 yrs

World Series Title hungry Dodgers had their day on Tuesday. After a long gap of 32 years, Dodgers were titled the Baseball World Champions.

Last time Dodgers won the World Series title was in the year 1988. Since then they are deprived of the World winners title. Much of the credit goes to the team manager, Dave Roberts for clinching the Baseball World Series 2020 title.

The Dodgers have now become the Baseball World Champions 2020 by beating the Tampa Bay Rays team by 3-1 in six games. Dodgers were baseball’s best team throughout the 60-game season. Huge cheers were seen from about 11,000 Dodger fans in Texas.

Dodgers Clinch World Series Title After 32 yrs

Dave Roberts who is the hero of the series has achieved what his seven predecessors could not achieve – The World Championship. Also, Roberts is the only 3rd team manager to be honoured for making the team champions. Previously, Walter Alston and Tom Lasorda were only the team managers to achieve this fame.

An emotional Roberts said –

For guys like Clayton, I couldn’t be happier for you, Kersh. Couldn’t be happier,

You want to talk about a narrative? How about being a champion? He’s a champion forever.

Veteran player Clayton Kershaw was singled out by Roberts because of his poor performance during the season. However, Japan-born Roberts is known for being a players’ manager, friendly and positive with everyone. He took the charge as the team manager in 2015. It took only 5 years to nourish the team as the world champions.

Previously, he was the bench coach with the San Diego Padres. He never managed anywhere before taking over Dodger franchises.

There were some sore situations and incidents that took place during the Baseball world Series Title 2020. One of the players was tested COVID-19 positive and was immediately isolated from the team in order to stop the spread. Lastly, the World Series final game played between L.A. Dodgers and Tampa Bay had only 8.16 million viewership.

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